Temenos MarketPlace

Brand creation / Branding / Identity / Website design / Website build

The power of connection.


Temenos are one of the biggest and most respected fintech software companies. Their software powers financial institutions worldwide.


We were already very familiar with the Temenos brand having previously worked on it’s creation and development.


So when Ben, Chief strategy officer and Amal, Senior Marketplace manager approached us to rebrand Temenos Marketplace and redesign the website we felt really well placed to partner them.


We explored multiple creative routes, each time simplifying and trying to get to the essence of what ‘Marketplace’ is and wants to be in the future.


A simplified hexagon. The hexagon shape is based on an evolution of the master Temenos logo. The constantly graduating colour references the master logo that is generative and responds to a data feed of Temenos software in use throughout the world. Each corner of the hexagon represents connectivity. The result is a very streamlined logo that feels light and evocative of a fresh digital future.


The website builds on the theme of connection very deliberately and overtly. On scroll, elements float upwards in a tangibly pleasing manner at different rates of speed. White space is honoured, imagery is all based on the theme of connection and the colours are from the Temenos master brand.  


We were very honoured to be entrusted with such an important and high profile project.