Bring it out.

// Press advertising


Tabasco had incredibly high brand awareness, along with a high level of household ownership, but it lingered at the back of everyone’s cupboard, with very little regular usage.
We created a campaign to encourage people to use it more often, get it out from the cupboard and onto the plate and consider it less of a ‘hot sauce’ and more of a flavour enhancer.


Tabasco ‘Bring it out’ ran predominantly as a series of national press ads, showcasing its versatility and providing ideas for dishes to be enhanced by Tabasco. The range of Tabasco sauces featured across all ads, and encouraged the consumer to ‘Bring it out’ and get Tabasco used with a far greater level of frequency.



We set out to represent the impact that Tabasco has on food by using deliberately vibrant colours. The typographic device of splitting the words of a particular dish shows how Tabasco brings out flavour from deep within. The tone of voice of the headlines and copy is another way we brought a sassy confident Tabasco flavour to the ads.

Tabasco_3 posters.png



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