Unicef / Dulux


// Ideation / Web design / Web build


Unicef lead the charge for raising funds for those less fortunate. But there is always more that can be done and connecting the charity with a new generation of supporters is an important goal. 

Which lead to the creation of OWN A COLOUR. A fundraising initiative in collaboration with Dulux. 

With over 16+ million colours available to be selected online, each and every single one was made available to purchase and named for a minimum donation of £1 with all funds going to Unicef.

In under 24 hours OWN A COLOUR was trending worldwide, without a single penny spent on paid PR and many thousands of pounds were raised for Unicef.


_Your device is capable of generating over 16.5 million individual colours.

We created a very intuitive and pleasurable way of navigating through them.

hand holding phone.png

OAC_How to pick a colour_3_backdrop.png