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People have 8 bank Holidays, 104 weekend days, 233 evenings and 174 hours of lunch breaks on top of their usual ‘holidays’, to enjoy England. So don’t just show England, reframing it as a great way to spend your time, however long you have - and do so in a visually stunning manner.


All breaks were up over 9% on the previous year despite terrible predictions, the best August for years, website traffic up, and for the first time ever ‘enjoyEngland’ is their highest ranked search term.

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Just as the phrase 'going on a staycation' was being coined, and the age of austerity was in its infancy, we spotted an opportunity to re-brand England as a hot new holiday destination.

This was a co-branded poster campaign in collaboration with lastminute.com that tried to re-evoke the past glory of holidaying in England by mimicking travel postcards and posters of yesteryear.

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We collaborated with UK design studio I LOVE DUST to create the illustrations

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