Channel 5

Launching C.S.I.

Advertising / Print / Copywriting / Graphic Design


Channel 5 were due to launch C.S.I.
They wanted to us to create something impactful that didn’t feel anything like traditional advertising.
We fully immersed ourselves in the world of forensics and even spent a few days at Thames Valley University’s forensic unit learning all about the latest techniques. We gathered as much


information and visual reference as we could and began work on constructing the visual identity and ads.

What emerged surprised us. It felt completely anti-advertising and retained the visual authenticity we wanted to achieve. Each ad starts to tell the story of a particular case and how ingenious forensic techniques led to catching the perpetrators.




The vital field trip.

A field trip to Thames Valley university's forensic department provided us with all the inspiration we could have hoped for. We based the visual identity and art direction on everything we saw, creating a collage from found items and images we were allowed to use. The stories that ended up being the copy for the ads were based on real cases as told to us by the forensic scientists we met.


black, yellow, black, yellow...

We based the colour palette from the yellow and black tape most commonly used to cordon off a crime scene.

Channel 5_metro_posters_Bwhite.png