Add milk or we'll Crusha

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Crusha was a classic challenger brand in direct competition with a classic market dominator, Nesquik.

We had to target the consumer (child), not just the purchaser (Mum). So we exploited Nesquik’s weakness and de-positioned them as the milkshake for wimps.

We created content - TV, released a single - complete with video - with anarchic punk-style kittens pounding out a rock song about crushing things. ‘Add milk or we’ll Crusha’. Making Nesquik babyish and keeping health in there for Mum.

The ads led to a packaging redesign featuring an anarchic cat and led to the kittens leading the comms for over 10 years.

There was 46% sales growth in Yr1, 65% in Yr2, and an 18% staeal of share from the market dominator.

Plus over 1 million views of the online films and 4 million views of spoofs and the song overheard in many a playground.

The video even made McFly’s Top Five on TMF, which was nice.