Who are we?



We are Anna & Simone.

We’ve worked in design, advertising and marketing for the past 20 years. In that time we’ve created award winning work for dozens of global and local brands and have been lucky enough to work with the best agencies, brains and craftspeople in the world.



We’ve worked on trains, planes and automobiles; milkshakes for kids and beers for adults. We’ve encouraged people to recycle, get fit, be kind to each other, save water, make money, read magazines, parachute off buildings, watch TV and go on holiday.


+ Si   + Anna




Why did we create Tiny Industry?

Established 2017 Kingston Upon Thames.


We started Tiny Industry to help everyone do well in today’s business, marketing and media environment.

If you’re a big brand, think of us like a bolt-on that can work alongside your current agencies. Use us to get fresh angles on lingering problems, use us to shake up your thinking, use us to test something, or execute a smaller brief with the care and attention that it might not usually get.




If you’re a smaller brand, think of us like your very own big agency, just without the shiny expensive offices.

Use us as partners, use us to help you define and refine your ambitions, use us for creating a brand identity, a logo, a website, an advertising campaign, a series of images, a new product, an experience.
Anything that puts you in a position to stand out and succeed against your competition.



How do we work?

A collective.


Working as a collective allows us to service your project in a far better way than you may be used to at the moment.

We create and lead a specialist team around you and your business, yours for the duration of the project. 

Our teams are made from the best of the best in their chosen fields: From award winning strategists, designers, developers and animators to account and project managers who are capable of ensuring the highest levels of customer service and efficiency. 



We pick and choose whoever best suits a project and budget.

We have worked with talent of all levels in every field of communication.

This highly personalised and focused approach produces the best work and experience in the most cost effective manner.




Where are we based?

Kingston Upon Thames +


Tiny Industry is based in Kingston Upon Thames, London. We think it’s a wonderful place to work away from the frenetic hustle and bustle, but the city is always in easy reach, only 30 minutes away.




We work with local, national and international clients, over Skype, over the phone, or face to face. If you have a project in mind or want to chat about how we could work together, we’d love to hear from you.




> branding +
> advertising +
> Identity +
> copywriting +
> consultancy +
> design +
> animation +
> art direction +
> internal comms +
> logo design +
> planning & Strategy +
> website design & build +
> photography +
> film +